Gretchen Andrew 

Gret­chen Andrew mani­pu­la­tes systems of power with art, glit­ter and code. She is best known for her playful hacks on major art world and poli­ti­cal insti­tu­ti­ons, inclu­ding Frie­ze, The Whit­ney Bien­ni­al, Art­fo­rum, The Tur­ner Pri­ze, and The Next Ame­ri­can Pre­si­dent.  In the­se digi­tal per­for­man­ces she reim­agi­nes rea­li­ty with art and desi­re. She does this by making assem­bla­ge “visi­on boards” that she pro­grams to beco­me top inter­net search results. The femi­ni­ne and tri­via­li­zed mate­ri­als of her visi­on boards pur­po­seful­ly clash with the male-domi­na­ted worlds of AI, pro­gramming, and poli­ti­cal con­trol they also ope­ra­te within.  She trai­ned in Lon­don with the artist Bil­ly Chil­dish from 2012–2017. In 2018 the V&A Muse­um released her book Search Engi­ne Art. Gretchen’s work has recent­ly been fea­tured in Fast Com­pa­ny, Flash Art, The Washing­ton Post, For­tu­ne Maga­zi­ne, Mono­pol, Wirt­schafts­wo­che, The Los Ange­les Times, and The Finan­cial Times. 

Lives and works in Los Ange­les * 1988

Aus­bil­dung / Edu­ca­ti­on
2010 B.S. in Infor­ma­ti­on Systems (Honors), Bos­ton Col­lege, Chest­nut Hill, MA,
2006 — 2009: Intuit, Soft­ware 2010 — 2012 Engi­neer, Goog­le, Peo­p­le Tech­no­lo­gy Mana­ger
2013 — 2017: Bil­ly Chil­dish Stu­dio Apprenticeship

2021   Other Forms of Tra­vel, Ann­ka Kul­tys Gal­lery (repre­sen­ted), Lon­don, United King­dom
2021   Trust Boun­da­ry, Fran­cis­co Caro­li­num, Linz, Austria
2021   Rou­ter at Pan­ke Gal­lery, Ber­lin
2020   Future News, Mon­terey Muse­um of Art, Mon­terey, CA
2019   Not Not Not the Tur­ner pri­ze, Chel­sea Cook­hou­se, Lon­don, United King­dom
2019   Whit­ney Bien­ni­al 2019…Vision Board, LACDA, Los Ange­les, CA
2018   Rough­ly Trans­la­ted As: Ubun­tu, A4 Gal­lery, Cape Town, South Afri­ca
2017   Inter­net Impe­ria­lism, 18th Street Art Cen­ter, San­ta Moni­ca, CA
2017   How to How to How to draw,
2016   Inte­ri­or, Whit­cher Pro­jects, Ingle­wood, CA
2016   How to How to How to, Are­byte Gal­lery, Lon­don, United King­dom
2015   Vir­tu­al Rea­li­ty, De Re Gal­lery, Los Ange­les, CA
2015   Pig­ment As Pixel, Hox­t­on Gal­lery, Lon­don, United King­dom
2014   Pain­ting As Inter­face, The White Buil­ding, Lon­don United Kingdom

2021   Pain­ting in the Digi­tal Age, König Gale­rie Ber­lin
2021   Screen­walk, The Photographer’s Gal­lery & Foto­mu­se­um Win­ter­thur
2021   No Fear in Try­ing, Unit Gal­lery, Lon­don
2020   Real-Time Cons­traints, Are­byte, Lon­don, United King­dom
2019   Art & AI, Swiss Re Cent­re for Glo­bal Dia­lo­gue, Rüsch­li­kon, Switz­er­land
2018   Search Engi­ne Art, V&A Muse­um, Lon­don, United King­dom (book)
2018   Moz­fest Open Web, Mozil­la Foun­da­ti­on, Lon­don, United King­dom
2014.  Digi­tal Futures, V&A Muse­um, Lon­don, United Kingdom

2021   Salz­amt, Linz Austria
2021   A4 Arts Foun­da­ti­on, Cape Town, SA
2021   Natio­nal Gal­lery X, Lon­don, UK
2021   Screen­Walk, The Photographer’s Gal­lery Lon­don with Foto­mu­se­um Win­ter­thur
2020   Gazel­li Art Hou­se, Lon­don, UK
2019   IsT­hi­sIt, Lon­don, UK
2018   18th Street Arts Cen­ter, San­ta Moni­ca, CA
2016   Whit­cher Pro­jects, Ingle­wood, CA
2016   Are­byte, Lon­don, UK
2014   The White Buil­ding, Lon­don, UK

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Uni­ver­si­ty of Chi­ca­go
Bos­ton Col­lege
Wil­lem de Koo­ning Aca­de­mie,
Mozil­la Festi­val
Ars Elec­tro­ni­ca
The Bri­tish Com­pu­ter Socie­ty at EVA Lon­don
Fal­mouth Uni­ver­si­ty
OK Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­ra­ry Art Austria

Femi­nism & Arti­fi­ci­al Intel­li­gence Mozil­la Foun­da­ti­on Festi­val
United King­dom Pain­ting and New Media
Uni­ver­si­ty of East Lon­don, Lon­don United King­dom
Search Engi­ne Art
Hen­nes­sy & Ingalls, Los Ange­les, Lec­tu­re to new MA stu­dents
Chel­sea Col­lege of Arts, Lon­don UK
Digi­tal Now, Mar­ga­te, UK

Wiki­ma­nia, Cape Town, South Afri­ca
Lux Gal­lery, Lon­don, United King­dom
The Bri­tish Com­pu­ter Socie­ty, Lon­don, United Kingdom

Art and AI, Emma­nu­el Col­lege at Cam­bridge Uni­ver­si­ty, Cam­bridge, United King­dom
The Photographer’s Gal­lery, Lon­don, United King­dom
Vivid Pro­jects, Bir­ming­ham, United Kingdom

Moving Image New Media, The Lon­don Film School, Lon­don, United King­dom
The Inter­na­tio­nal Con­fe­rence on the GIF, Uni­ver­si­ty of Bolo­gna, Italy

Digi­tal Uto­pi­as, The Bri­tish Arts Coun­cil, Hull, United King­dom
The Bri­tish Com­pu­ter Socie­ty, Lon­don, United King­dom
New Media, Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts Lon­don, Lon­don United Kingdom

The Bri­tish Film Insti­tu­te, Lon­don, United Kingdom